"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." ~Plato

Diet and Nutrition

Recovery from any surgical procedures is intricately linked with a healthy body, which in turn depends on one's diet and nutrition.

If we wait until we have physical symptoms before we think about good nutrition and following a healthy lifestyle, it is often too late. Learning about how to prevent disease is far better than trying to cure it. Poor nutrition does not immediately cause health problems and initially there are no symptoms, however gradually it affects ones health and progresses to disease.

While healthy nutrient dense food supplies proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it also provides vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are essential for the body. However most diets are deficient in these essential nutrients. Nutrients are effective in treating illness because many of the symptoms people suffer with are the result of nutritional deficiencies. Though traditionally, vitamins can’t cure diseases, they do cure the disease of vitamin deficiency. So while it looks like vitamins and minerals are curing a health problem, what is really happening is the nutrient is enabling the body to heal and function normally.

Health is also influenced by Genetics and the environment. We cannot change our genes, but our constant exposure to chemicals and heavy metals in our food and our environment can be controlled. This toxic exposure is beginning to cause health problems, which can be addressed by making the right choices and consuming foods the way nature created them.

At Dr. Doctor's office, prior to any major surgery, we will evaluate you and recommend nutrients from the best companies to optimize your general condition to achieve a smooth postoperative recovery.

"The human organism needs an ample supply of good building material
to repair the effects of daily wear and tear."
~Indra Devi


The body is intricately designed to allow each cell to communicate and function in unison to maintain optimum health. This intra-cellular communication is especially important when our body is responding to injuries, infections, allergens, environmental toxins, and the effects of surgery. Our healing response requires extra nutrition in the form of essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements to allow the body to achieve optimal health. Using the recent technology of bio-communication, we can identify specific nutritional requirements that will have the most positive impact on your health in the least amount of time. Our advanced technology utilizes computer generated digital stressors to identify exactly which treatments your body needs to return to optimal health. This enables the body to recover from surgery and heal from various ailments while maintaining balance.

"Listen to your body, If you respond to its whispers,
you won't have to endure it's cries."

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